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Passing Gallstones & Pulverexx Protocol FAQ

The Most Commonly Asked Questions


What makes your product so different than others?


This formula does not only reduce the size of gallstones, it pulverizes them. NO other formula has ever done this to the extent that Pulverexx does. When it come to passing gallstones, our formula has been a revolution to many individuals suffering from gallstones.


How long do I have to take Pulverexx before the gallbladder pains disappear


Within days your pain should greatly be diminished or subside altogether. Some people might see a difference in as little 2 days, others take up to 2 weeks.


In order to diminish or vanquish gallstone related pain, do gallstones need to be eliminated?


No. Sometimes gallstones can be dissolved altogether, while other times their size can be diminished enough so they are no longer pressing against a wall of the gallbladder or the common bile duct. Once this obstruction is reduced in size enough, pain disappears.


How long will it take to eliminate all the gallstones?


It has taken a lifetime to build the gallstones. To expect to eliminate them in one treatment, whatever treatment that may be, is rather stretching it a bit. Eliminating all the gallstones can take one month, 6 months or years. It depends on many factors. But they can be eliminated with persistence. However, you may see a noticeable improvement in your health as soon as the gallstones begin to be eliminated.

In order to eliminate the gallstones, one has to follow the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol, which takes about one month. The guidelines for this program are outlined in an instructions booklet that comes with every purchase. Because there are so many variables to consider – gallstone composition, gallstone size, general health of the liver, gallbladder and digestive system – it is not possible to predict whether every time the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol is done, gallstones will be eliminated. This is not to say that pain will not be vanquished.

In my own experience, I would sometimes go two or three times without the elimination of a single large gallstone (over 1/4 in). Yet, I knew they were there because I felt the pressure on the right side. However, each time I knew the size of the gallstones was being reduced little by little, until the obstruction blocking their elimination had diminished enough, and then they would all come out at once. This formula pulverizes the gallstones and/or reduces their size, but if one has larger gallstones or a copious amount of gallstones, it is going to take a little more persistence than normal to dissolve and eliminate them completely.

If you are an individual with a low patience threshold and your desire to eliminate ALL the gallstones from one day to the next, in addition to getting rid of symptoms, such as gallstone related pain, then this program is NOT for you, as this is not a miracle program. When it comes to eliminating ALL the gallstones, the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol does depend on your ability to follow simple instructions, as well it requires some due diligence and plenty of patience on your part. Passing gallstones is not guaranteed, but by following our protocol guidelines your pain will be at the very least reduced if not eliminated.

There are no magic pills here. However, the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol is one of the fastest and most effective programs for expelling gallstones that I have ever tried (and I have tried nearly everything under the sun.)

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What are the suggested dosages?


For the majority of individuals that seek to eliminate pain, and dissolve gallstones 1 capsule twice daily is suggested, never exceeding 15 days.

If you are having a gallbladder attack, then 2 capsules are suggested, for a period of NOT exceeding 3 days followed by the rest of the instructions outlined in the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol. Then you may drop down to 1 capsule twice daily. Never exceed 3 days taking two capsules and never exceed 15 days total.


If the pains have disappeared, does this mean that I do not have any more gallstones?


No. Disappearance of gallstone-related discomfort is only an indication that an obstructive stone or stones have been dissolved or eliminated. But it does not mean that you have eliminated all of them. See previous question.


How will I know if all the gallstones have been eliminated?


Initially, most gallstones that are passed are very small in size, under 1/8” and in the thousands in number. They look like small pieces of popcorn, lime green in color. But as older gallstones are eliminated they usually get darker in color and much larger in size. When gallstones begin to be eliminated from the liver the gallstones are usually white in color. As the cleansing process advances, the gallstones get progressively smaller, until they cease to pass altogether. Another indication is you will not feel any pressure on your right side.


Will I need more than one cleanse to eliminate all the stones?


It took one lifetime to get the stones and they are not likely going to be eliminated in one time. However, just because you have not released all the stones does not mean that you will not see any improvement in your health. So yes, you will need more than one cleanse.

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If medical exams do not detect the presence of gallstones, does that mean I do not have them?


Only calcified gallstones can be detected via X-Ray or Ultrasound. Calcified gallstones account for only 20% of all gallstones. So just because your doctor failed to detect any calcified masses does not rule out the possibility that you may have cholesterol gallstones.


If I am a vegetarian or I have improved my diet, does it mean that I do not have any gallstones?


Anybody who eats cooked meals harbors gallstones, some more than others, but most people have them. Excessive animal protein is the single largest contributor to gallstones and so is white flour.


How will I pass the gallstones?


The gallstones are eliminated with your stool.

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FREE  e-book


How long is the program?


If your desire is to eliminate the pain, then we suggest you continue taking the formula even after the pain has been eliminated but not exceeding 15 days.

If your desire is to eliminate all the gallstones, then the program lasts for 30 days following the Pulverexx™ Gallstone Elimination Protocol and then follow up with more cleanses.


I had my gallbladder removed and I have been told that I do not have to worry about more gallstone related pain, is that correct?


No. Studies by Ros E. and Zambon D.(1) reveal that up to 50% all patients that had a cholecystectomy had the recurrence of pain and new related symptoms. The liver can harbor gallstones as well. Just because there is no more gallbladder does not stop these gallstones from growing in size until they become obstructive.


Are there any limitations on the use of this protocol?


Yes. We have had cases of individuals that have gone thru the program and have not had any noticeable results. Those have been individuals with a disorder other than gallstones that is causing the pain, and individuals that had an extremely large single gallstone. In two occasions we have had individuals that have gone thru the program and did not get any results. Upon going to their respective doctors and after performing a HIDA Scan, it showed a single large gallstones over a golfball in diameter or approximately 1.68 in (42.67 mm) in both cases. No other gallstones where found.

This program works to dissolve and eliminate gallstones, but it is limited when gallstones are extremely large. These gallstones cannot be dissolved fast enough to fully eliminate the pain. Nevertheless, smaller gallstones usually around an 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter and sometimes larger can be dissolved enough to be eliminated without pain whatsoever.

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  • [1] Ros E, Zambon D. Postcholecystectomy symptoms. A prospective study of gall stone patients before and two years after surgery. Gut1987; 28:1500 -4
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